Why we chose sleep training for our little guy – part 2

Why we chose sleep training

In an effort to not write an essay, I have made this post in to a two-part series.  Part 1 will outline the more research-based elements of sleep training, whereas part 2 will focus on our personal experience with using a gentle sleep training method.

Part 2

Continuing from where I left off in part 1, here I want to talk about our personal experience in undertaking sleep training for Baby Mermy.  Although the research indicated to us the importance of sleep and guiding our little ones to sleep better through the night on their own, actually implementing the sleep training strategies necessary to do so was an extremely difficult decision to make.  It is one thing to read and research and it is another to actually carry it out.  Research, books, sleep experts on social media, bloggers, they can all speak to this topic with as much knowledge and conviction as they want, but how these strategies will actually play out in your own home with your own little one is a whole different ball game.  And it’s a scary game at that.

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