What’s in your breast milk?

What's in your breast milk?


So, it happened again. My breasts were engorged. This is the second time in a two-week period that this has happened, with each episode lasting a few days. Dealing with the pain, I turned to my own post, but also started to think about the formulation of breast milk since Baby Mermy wasn’t drinking properly from either breast. My concern was whether he was actually consuming the hind milk, often also referred to as the fatty milk. And then I did some research and learned some interesting facts about breast milk. So, what’s in your breast milk?

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5 tips to help with plugged milk ducts

5 tips to help unplug milk ducts

Baby Mermy has transformed breastfeeding into a most engaging activity.  For him.  For instance, he loves to blow air bubbles on my breast instead of drinking (having the added bonus of causing let down that he has absolutely no interest in drinking – cue milk sprays and milk-covered clothes).  Or he loses interest in drinking because other things are catching his eye and attention (damn you, shadows!) and doesn’t drain the breast completely.  As much as I love that he’s enjoying himself, the unfortunate side effect is that I sometimes end up with plugged milk ducts, and they are about as much fun as being jabbed in the nipple by a baby who screams bloody murder when you try to cut his nails.  Not exactly the way I would like to spend my days.  When you are in pain from plugged milk ducts (and believe me, they are quite uncomfortable), the last thing you want to do is undertake research on how to alleviate your pain.  Not to worry! I have listed some methods that have worked for me and I hope will help you too.  Keep this page bookmarked so that you can reference it quickly when in need! Continue reading