Happy FIRST birthday, Baby Mermy!

Happy FIRST birthday, Baby Mermy


So, this happened recently: a birthday! The first one, actually. Inevitably, through the predictable passage of time, my child has reached the milestone that I looked forward to and dreaded: his first birthday.  It all seems to have happened so suddenly! On his birthday, I remember looking up at the clock at random intervals and reminiscing on what I had been doing a year prior (oh, look! At this time, I was starting my contractions! Oh, look! At this time, I was pushing!).  Baby Mermy, on the other hand, did not care at all.  I thought that rather unfair: how could he not see how important this day was?! But that’s exactly the reason why we chose not to have a birthday party for him.  He was simply unaware of the significance of this day; for him, it was just another day when he could go to the community centre for a drop-in play group.  He ran around (on his knees, of course.  Why attempt to walk slowly when one can move so much faster while crawling?), visited all his “friends” and giggled at the joy of seeing beings like him (I.e. Tiny in height and moving about similarly).  He attempted to play with these friends by sitting and observing them; some mothers weren’t inviting, but many more were and he enjoyed their company.  To his curious little mind, this was a great opportunity to explore and learn about how this massive world works.  He sat and watched facial expressions, how moms played with their little ones, how the little ones themselves played, and the types of playful activity that he could potentially mimic.  He had a wonderful time!

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Lessons learned from family conflict

Lessons learned from family conflict - www.happilytiredmama.com


It has been a long while since I have been here, and I apologize for disappearing without a word.  It has been an incredibly intense few months and things are only now starting to assume some level of normalcy.  At first, Baby Mermy started to teeth and sleep went out the window for both of us.  It’s an understatement to say that I felt like a zombie those days, smiling and entertaining Baby Mermy while yawning.  Once those adorable little teeth poked through, sleep returned to normalcy and we were all feeling rather content.  Until the proverbial poop hit the fan.  As a consequence, we have moved from what we had once considered our forever-home and our city where Papa Mermy and I both grew up to a city five hours away.

I am not one to share dirty laundry; I firmly believe that certain tales of family conflict should stay within the confines of the family.  However, I have gleaned some insight from what has happened behind closed doors that I think are worth sharing.

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