Lessons learned from family conflict

Lessons learned from family conflict - www.happilytiredmama.com


It has been a long while since I have been here, and I apologize for disappearing without a word.  It has been an incredibly intense few months and things are only now starting to assume some level of normalcy.  At first, Baby Mermy started to teeth and sleep went out the window for both of us.  It’s an understatement to say that I felt like a zombie those days, smiling and entertaining Baby Mermy while yawning.  Once those adorable little teeth poked through, sleep returned to normalcy and we were all feeling rather content.  Until the proverbial poop hit the fan.  As a consequence, we have moved from what we had once considered our forever-home and our city where Papa Mermy and I both grew up to a city five hours away.

I am not one to share dirty laundry; I firmly believe that certain tales of family conflict should stay within the confines of the family.  However, I have gleaned some insight from what has happened behind closed doors that I think are worth sharing.

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Dealing with the parenting critiques and critics

Dealing with the parenting critics and critiques


When Baby Mermy was born, I asked my midwife if the manual on how to raise him had also come out along with him.  She laughed; I was only half-kidding.  Maybe not entirely a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of situation, raising a child is definitely an experimental process.

Oh so when you are crabby, you want only this boob? Ok, got it.  

Ok, so this high-pitched wailing means you want your nappy changed, not that you are hungry, sleepy, tired, or gassy.  

Oh, so you are upset because the wipe is too cold? One warm wipe coming up (hastily rubbing wipe between hands to “warm” it up)!

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