Why I’m saying NO to visitors next time

Saying NO to visitors with baby no 2

God willing, we will have a second baby.  It is our hope and prayer to be blessed with a second child.  Once that child makes his or her way into the world, however, there is one rule I will enforce that I had not even considered the first time around: no visitations right after the baby is born and, after the initial visit, I am saying no to all visitors for at least two weeks after.  Sound tough?  I’ll explain why.


Giving birth is an intense process, physically, emotionally, mentally.  The act of giving birth itself is not the be-all-end-all in this matter either.  After birth, the mother may need medical care (stitches, etc) or need recovery time from the effects of any pain relief taken during the labour process.  This recovery is not always easy.  In my case, I had to receive stitches without anaesthesia because my body does not respond well to it.  Suffice to say, it hurt and I was in pain. Continue reading